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:icondiscordserijack:DiscordSerijack posted a status
(No one is probably gonna read this but why not)
I want to rp more with people. If someone wants to rp with me, I prefer to do it over kik. If you are interested, send me a note with your kik name telling me what you'd like to do in the rp. Here are my preferences:
Any thing sexual (only if requested)
Just a story line and make up as story as we go (no drama though)
I might do Undertale rp, maybe furry. I'll do mlp too (will only do if requested)
We could just be our selves if you wanted, idk. Just describe what you look like I guess idk I never really rped as my self that much
Hell if you wanted to rp us robbing banks or being mercenary's like Wade Wilson i don't really care
Send a note with your Kik and what you want to do in the rp. If you have an idea for rp but not sure if I'll want to do it, just ask

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